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Luscious Lips from Topical Lip Products

Today’s latest trends include plump lips like those of celebrities’ such as Jessica Alba and Angelina Jolie. This fad has encouraged many people to desire for the same sexy pout of these women. The choices can be either surgical with the supervision of a professional cosmetic surgeon, or application of external topical formulations, in order to achieve the full lips always been dreamed of.

There is a variety of external topical products today that focus on getting fuller lips. These function in ways that will eventually give results that are just as noticeable as submitting to a surgery. There are tips to ponder on in deciding for the kind of lip plumping treatment without having to be a subject of injections.

Conditioning the Lips

Treating your lips well is the most basic and fundamental step in the quest of getting beautiful lips. Kissable lips are supposed to look and feel soft and voluptuous. The lip surface should be targeted in the process of lip conditioning. Ingredients that are usually found in most lip conditioning products are olive oil, honey, and aloe. These make the lips appealing. It is advised to use these formulations prior to lipstick application so that they last longer and decreases the possibility of smudging and easy fading.

Plumping of Lips

An important step in prettifying the lips is lip plumping itself. There are products specifically created to act as capillary dilators that enable slight lip swelling. The effect of more sultry lip appearance is made possible by the increased production of collagen as an effect of incorporating peptides into the formula. Different shades are utilized to achieve a sexy pout even in natural light. Among the best products are:
  • Z. Bigatti – This product caters to achieve maximal lip conditioning through its unique ingredients. Agents such as peppermint oil and castor oil are incorporated and act to soften the outermost lip surface. It also utilizes Vitamin E that functions as a protective shield from harmful environmental hazards like the sun which can cause dryness. In addition, Z. Bigatti activates production of collagen by a compound called palmitoyl oligopeptide. Applying this beneath lipstick not only conditions the lips but also keeps it shiny and soft all day long.
  • Celazome – This company has been made famous because of its expertise and focus on lip enhancement products.  It is a combination of 10 potent bioactive substances which aim at hydrating, repairing, and protecting the lips from evident damage.  Celazome further also stimulates production of collagen along with refreshing substances such as hyaluronic acid, Shea butter, and jojoba oil because of its component palmitoyl oligopeptide.
  • Sothys – If your focus is on obtaining an irresistible smile by means of sexier lips, Sothys Secret Intense lip line of products is the perfect product to use.  These are equipped with hydrating ingredients and make use of micro-injected collagen that keep lips soft, smooth, full and sultry.  The offer does not end here as its wide range of products reach beyond to different shades of lip liners and lipsticks that give you the satisfaction of both a lip conditioner and the color to match your mood.
It is true that today’s fashion dictates a lot of demands including full lips. Submitting to surgical treatments does not have to be a requisite. The advantage we are at in this modern society is that external lip defining and conditioning products created with potent ingredients to bring out the most luscious lips are already widely available.

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